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sapa is a library that creates a UI with a simple event system.

Basic concept

sapa helps you to create applications naturally in html without compiling.

No compile and virtual dom

sapa is using only html string to create dom element.

Simple DOM event system

sapa provides a system for handling events well.


npm install @easylogic/sapa

How to use in es6

import {App, UIElement, SUBSCRIBE, CLICK} from '@easylogic/sapa'

How to use in browser

<script type='text/javascript' src=''></script>
<script type='text/javacript'>
const {App, CLICK, SUBSCRIBE, UIElement} = sapa; // or window.sapa

Start a application

import {start, UIElement} from '@easylogic/sapa';

class SampleElement extends UIElement { }

start(SampleElement, {
container: document.getElementById('sample') // default value is document.body

The start method defines the point in time of the first run. Apply the template to the location specified by container.